07 Jul

What You Can Borrow or What You Should Borrow

The amount you can borrow and the amount you should borrow are sometimes two very different things. Before you apply for a home loan, it… [ continue reading ]

06 Aug

Investment Lending Changes – A Minefield For Borrowers!

You may have read in the media over the last couple of weeks that the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has told lenders that they… [ continue reading ]

04 Aug

Genuine Unsecured Business Loans Have Finally Arrived!

Business lending in Australia for SME has always been on the basis of the applicant providing real estate security. Bank business loans are in reality… [ continue reading ]

09 Mar

10 Tips to Help You Save a Deposit for Your First Home.

Are you looking to enter the property market and struggling to build a deposit to purchase your first home? Here are a few handy tips… [ continue reading ]

07 Dec

T’is the season to consolidate…

The silly season is well and truly upon us! Christmas presents are being bought and holiday plans are being made. I dare say, much of… [ continue reading ]