15 Nov

We turned 30!

We are celebrating our 30th Year in business! Our story goes something along the lines of A group of youngish gents (Roger Vincent, Roger Squire… [ continue reading ]

04 Dec

How Quickly Time Flies

It is coming up to 7 years since long time Laurentide Partner Colin Finkelde had his life saving kidney transplant. Colin was born with a… [ continue reading ]

08 Oct

Holidays, Business, Balance

I recently took a week off leading up to the long weekend in October with my daughter, her boyfriend & two of their surfing buddies.… [ continue reading ]

29 Sep

Need Money for your Business and have Unencumbered Assets?

Ever thought of capital raising? This is when the bank lends you money against an asset you already own, for the value (or near enough… [ continue reading ]

06 Aug

Investment Lending Changes – A Minefield For Borrowers!

You may have read in the media over the last couple of weeks that the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has told lenders that they… [ continue reading ]

04 Aug

Genuine Unsecured Business Loans Have Finally Arrived!

Business lending in Australia for SME has always been on the basis of the applicant providing real estate security. Bank business loans are in reality… [ continue reading ]

16 Jun

Managing Insurance Premiums

All business owners have a legal obligation to insure employees against accidents and work related illness, but paying premiums in a lump sum puts pressure… [ continue reading ]

01 Jun

“Networking” or Just Knowing People

In recent years networking in business has become an industry in itself, with professional networkers/organisations continually inviting us to link-up with others with the suggestion… [ continue reading ]